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We specialise in Excavation,

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Screw Piles & Retaining Walls

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Construction, Fencing

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When it comes to Excavation, Earthworks, Bored Piers, Screw Piles and Retaining Walls in Melbourne, Superior Earthworks provides experience and service that really stands out.


Superior Earthworks provides a range of bulk excavation and earthworks services across Melbourne and Victoria. Our experience and specialist services include all bulk excavation, soil removal, site cuts, site levelling, basement excavation, bored piers, screw piles, retaining walls, fencing and concreting works.


At Superior Earthworks, the business has been built on relationships and trust, working closely with clients and communicating well to ensure our projects are delivered on time, within budget and to our clients satisfaction. With well maintained plant and equipment, extensive experience and reliable service, Superior Earthworks is well equipped to ensure your next job is a success.


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Trusted and reliable service for Melbourne Excavation and Earthmoving works.

Superior Earthworks has built a reputation for not only high quality work and expertise, but for being trusted and respected. Many of our clients have been long term customers, testament to the way Superior Earthworks operates and services its clients.

Our services

Bulk Excavation

& Material Removal

Bulk excavation is the removal of soil, rock and other material in preparation for construction works. We can efficiently remove any excess materials from site.



Screw piles are a helical screw anchor used for structural foundations. Screw piles may well be the future of foundations. We are an accredited installer of screw pile foundation systems that can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Technical Excavation, Site Cuts

& Site Levelling

Our business was built on delivering site cuts and complex excavation and earthmoving works. We specialise in delivering accurate site cuts, step downs and levelling.



Retaining walls have become our specialty. We design, build and install retaining walls for new and existing homes. We do it all. We can remove old walls, excavate and clean the site then install a new retaining wall.

Drilling & Bored


We have the capabilities to drill through all soil types and medium rock profiles. We can drill upto 5m in depth and have a range of drilling tools suitable for most jobs. 

Commercial Fencing


We have worked on fencing projects right across Victoria. Our completed projects include prison fencing jobs and large scale fencing projects. We can supply and install a range of fencing requirements.

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